Introducing the republished version of

Foundations of Capitalism

with its original cover and new foreword by
Juliet Awon Uibopuu—New Smyrna Beach, Florida with
Dr. Rhoda Reddock—St. Augustine, The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Capitalism and Racism: Remembering the Great Oliver C. Cox

Caste, Class and Race

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Dr. Eric Eustace Williams

A recipient of the Trinity Cross Award, Dr. Williams became the first prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago by convincing the people that he was the catalyst who could lead them to independence.

This, he accomplished by his outspoken political speeches which were held at “The University of Woodford Square” and his ability to “touch” the minds and the hearts of the citizenry.  In an overwhelmingly decisive election in September 1956, he became the Chief Minister and, subsequently, the Prime Minister from 1962 until his demise in 1981.  Indeed, his dedication and unwavering commitment to this goal made Trinidad and Tobago’s independence possible.

In addition to his outstanding political achievements, Dr. Williams authored several books and now, on behalf of his colleague, Oliver Cromwell Cox and The Oliver Cromwell Cox Institute, I, Juliet Awon Uibopuu, am honored to present “The Economic Future of the Caribbean,” edited by Williams and which, although over sixty years old, pointedly reflects on many of the problems of the region still existing today.  It is a must for any student of Caribbean history.

The Economic Future of the Caribbean
ISBN 0-912469-37-4

We urge you to not only purchase Dr. Williams’ “The Economic Future of the Caribbean,” but also the books written by Trinidadian-born and Doubleday-Award winning, Oliver Cromwell Cox – lawyer, economist and sociologist.  Oliver C. Cox, as he is more commonly known, brilliantly added economics to his unique sociology.  His writings on race relations and capitalism not only influenced the rationale on these topics, but are the bases of much work that is currently being done.  Repeatedly, people have stated, “What Dr. Cox wrote years ago, is still relevant today.”