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On September 29, 1971, Oliver C. Cox received a letter from the American Sociological Association informing him that he was the first person to be selected for the "Dubois-Johnson-Frazier Award." We are pleased to share this letter which was discovered and given to Juliet Awon Uibopuu on May 3, 2006.  





 Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

Recommended "Caste, Class and Race"

in Newsweek Magazine


  In the February 12, 2007 issue of Newsweek Magazine, 

   Periscope Section, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson wrote:

    "An Important Book that has been overlooked: 

   'Caste, Class, and Race' by Oliver Cromwell Cox. 

    The battle between races and classes has never been dealt

        with as powerfully or more clearly."





The American Sociology Association annually presents The Oliver C. Cox award for the best sociology book.


February 2, 2007


This annual award honors the memory of Oliver Cromwell Cox.  The award recognizes sociologically related books or articles published in the last two years that make a distinguished and significant contribution to the eradication of racism.  The winner will be announced at the section reception at the 2007 ASA meeting in New York City.  The committee encourages self-nominations and nominations of work by others. Nominations should include a statement, no longer than one page, explaining the book or article’s contribution to the eradication of racism. The deadline for nominations is March 1, 2007. Send nominations and three copies of the nominated book or article to:






Earl Wright II, Ph.D.

Chairperson & Associate Professor

Department of Sociology

Texas Southern University

Houston , Texas 77004

713-313-4438 Telephone

713-313-4302 Fax









"…Caste, Class and Race which was first published by the Doubleday Book Company in 1948. For this book, which sold out in six months, Cox received the George Washington Carver Award from Doubleday Company."


The Oliver C. Cox Scholarship Fund is an endowed scholarship for students at George Washington University.  "We look at the need factor as determined by the FAFSA application, and then make awards accordingly until the fund is fully expended for the year.  Naturally, a student must be making academic progress towards his/her degree."